U N D E R   T H E   D I R E C T I O N   O F   H I S   E M I N E N C E   S H Y A L P A   T E N Z I N   R I N P O C H E

2,561th Buddha's Birthday Celebration
and Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony
for the Mahasiddha Sanctuary for Universal Peace

May 9 - 11, 2017

According to the Buddhist tradition, prior to building a significant structure such as monastery or stupa, spirits that have been dwelling in the surrounding areas have to be pacified for a sucessful building process. The Naga Puja of Sadagtorchu is one such ceremony. This puja is usually conducted by highly realized lamas or practitioners. First, the Black Hat Vajra Dance is performed to subjugate the spirits, represented in the form of a Naga, and then fixate the Naga to the ground by nailing the main body points. The ceremony was led by H.E. Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche and H.H. The XIth Kyabgon Jedrungpa. 

After the ritual was completed, the foundation stone was placed on the ground, symbolizing the commencement of the building of Mahasiddha Sanctuary for Universal Peace.

The ceremony concluded with the Chod prayer, or the "Cutting Through" practice, which cuts off one's attachment, hatred, pride, jealousy and ignorance.

Followers and devotees from all Buddhist traditions gathered in Lumbini to celebrate the birth of Lord Buddha. H.E. Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche led the group in morning prayers, refuge, and evening Chod prayer as offerings to Buddha on the day of his most precious birth.

The two-day celebrations for the Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony and Buddha's birthday celebrations where organized by WGIF. Both events were fully sponsored by Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation. From all over Nepal, thousands of people gathered in Lumbini to pray. Prayers were also conducted in memory of the late Mr. Cheng Yu Tung.