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September, 21, 2023 • International Peace Day • Kathmandu, Nepal
MAYADEVI, The Play of Unconditional Love
& the Second Annual Universal Peace Gala


The first event featured a magical theatrical presentation with Himalayan music and dance at the Nepal Academy Hall. MAYADEVI, The Play of Unconditional Love reenacts the story of Queen Mayadevi giving birth to Prince Siddhartha in the sacred garden of Lumbini. The play dramatizes the sacred birth and honors all of our mothers who exemplify unconditional love in caring for their children. 

The Peace Gala and Dinner supports the Universal Peace Sanctuary, now under construction in Lumbini, Nepal. His Eminence Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche spoke about the historic significance of the Peace Sanctuary and the vision of fostering "world peace through inner peace."

Mayadevi 9-21-23 19.jpeg
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