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One Hundred Precious Gems

for Genuine Happiness & Enduring Peace

Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche

This collection has been assembled from oral teachings given by His Eminence over the past three decades. Each teaching has been distilled into a short, one-line verse that is easy to memorize and to recollect throughout the course of one’s day.

These insightful teachings and their accompanying verses can serve as an easily accessible guide and companion, a practical way to assimilate the wisdom and compassion of the Buddha, from day to day and from moment to moment.

Sakya Pandita, a Tibetan Buddhist meditation master and scholar, said that by studying one verse a day we become imbued with wisdom. A bee flies from flower to flower, draws the nectar, and eventually amasses a large quantity of honey. By hearing and reflecting upon wisdom teachings every day, we begin to gather the sweet nectar of wisdom and spiritual awakening. 

From One Hundred Precious Gems:


Hold all beings in your heart


At one time, the Buddha was dwelling at a place called Jeta’s Grove. The king of this land was resting in his palace with the queen. The king asked, “Is there anyone dearer to you than yourself?” 

The queen honestly replied, “No, my lord, there is no one dearer than myself. And what about you, my lord? Is there anyone dearer to you than yourself?” The king answered, “No, there is no one.”

The king went to the Buddha and recounted his conversation with the queen. The Buddha answered, “All beings cherish themselves. Just as you cherish yourself, so should you cherish others. Care for others just as you care for yourself.” 

You cherish yourself when you recognize in yourself that which is open, free, and unconditioned. This is your true nature. When you see this essence in yourself, you respect and cherish this same essence in others. 

When you cherish others as you cherish yourself, your breath is suffused with curative power. The Buddha breathes with unconditional love and compassion and naturally heals all beings. When you breathe in this way, you hold all beings in your heart. 

Our lives are short, so make the most of every moment. It is always meaningful to be considerate and kind to others. Wealth and possessions give us pleasure, but they are transient and conditional. Fleeting enjoyment can never provide deep and enduring satisfaction; however, a kind heart always brings rich and lasting rewards. 

Discover your true purpose


Some of the greatest masters of our lineage lived in caves high in the mountains. They had no mortgage to pay and no roof to mend; they didn’t concern themselves with a single brick or nail. They had the time and the space in which to truly rest and reflect. With diligence and perseverance in the practice of meditation, they delved deeply into the luminous space within.

Years ago, my teacher told me that he was experiencing the sufferings of old age. He was an enlightened being, yet it appeared that he was still going through these physical changes. As this happened to my accomplished teacher, it will surely happen to us. So we should seize the moment and make the most of this precious human life. 

When fully present and awake in the moment, you live in a land of spiritual jewels. Holding the jewels of pure spirituality, you celebrate this life and do not go empty-handed. You fulfill the true purpose of your being.

Having found your true purpose, you recognize everyone as your friend. From the womb of spacious awareness you give birth to great compassion. Your purpose in life is to be generous, accepting others as they are. People may disparage or criticize you, but you are able to understand and forgive. You never judge others in an extreme or selfish way. 

Most of us do not complete the spiritual journey overnight; we grow into it slowly. We have been thinking and acting in unwholesome ways for countless lifetimes. The challenge is to embrace the spiritual journey with a bit of boldness and grit. 

To be spiritual is to discover the true purpose of your precious human life.

One Hundred Precious Gems for Genuine Happiness
& Enduring Peace
is available in paperback and ebook at

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